December 8, 2009

Inspired by China's porcelain...bowl sale saturday

Studio Sale Saturday 12-5
7 Tufts Street Cambridge, MA

I came back from China in October inspired to work with the porcelain I had in the studio. The clay needed to be reconstituted into a workable state. I made 40 bowls: ice cream bowls, cereal bowls, serving bowls, all sizes. I used the cobalt blue that I brought home from Jingdezhen and underglazes to paint and carve them. I am at the kiln in Wellfleet now and will glaze and fire them this week. They will be hot from the kiln when I return for the sale on Saturday. The studio is rich with great flame painted pots as well. So, my friends, I hope to see you then. I will get back to writing about China when the elf season is over. Gus asked me today if I wanted to go to a sale with him. I said, as I rushed around with deliveries, "I can't shop, I'm an elf."

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